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Smoke Door Sealing System

  • Effective combinations of smoke and acoustic seals tested on solid core doors that meet the requirements for AUS NCC specification C3.4 Deemed-to-Satisfy for smoke doors, UK Approved Document B and NZ Building Code Compliance Document C/AS1 Pt. 6.19.2 (b). These systems meet the leakage rates specified in AS 6905 when the door assembly is installed to AUS NCC specification C3.4 Deemed to-Satisfy for smoke doors. Meets leakage rates specified in BS EN 13501-2 "Sa", "Sm" classification.

  • These systems have been smoke leakage performance tested to:

    AS 1530.7 s 40m/h @ 25 Pa when exposed to 200°C > 30 minutes in accordance with AS 6905.

    EN 1634-3 s 3m/h/m @ 25 Pa for ambient and s 30m/h 50 Pa for

    medium temperature in accordance with BS EN 13501-2.

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